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DianeGain clarity and a deeper sense of joy.

Stress Reduction Classes

Some of the skills people learn in MBSR courses:

  • Practical coping skills to improve your ability to handle stressful situationsMethods for being physically and mentally relaxed and at ease
  • Gentle full body conditioning exercises to strengthen your body and release muscular tension
  • To become increasingly aware of the interplay of mind and body in health and illness
  • To face change and difficult times in your life with greater ease

Take a class in Stress Reduction and learn 5 simple practices that cultivate inner peace and increase compassion for yourself and others.  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction helps with issues relating to health, work stress, life transitions, difficulties with relationships and inner conflict.  The Next Next Mindfulness Series T.B.A.

Listen to my Guided BodyMeditation below – or – [download label=”Download Guided Bodyscan Meditation”]https://www.diane-johnson.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/body-scan2.mp4[/download]


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